TAMUctf - I heard you like files Writeup

Challenge description

Bender B. Rodriguez was caught with a flash drive with only a single file on it. We think it may contain valuable information. His area of research is PDF files, so it’s strange that this file is a PNG.

Difficulty: easy-medium


The challenge give us an image called art.png. Since we are looking for a PDF file, with the command binwalk -D pdf art.png we can find a PDF file. Great! Wait, no… there we can find this sentence: Wait...is this a pdf? I guess if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it could still be a pigeon. so I starded thinking that we can’t find the flag this way. Lets go back!

Then we can try extracting everything we can: binwalk -e art.png returns a lot of stuff. In particular we have another image in word/media. Let’s try binwalk -D pdf image1.png, maybe this time we’re luckier. In we can spot the PDF file named 1485. The output of strings 1485 ends with a suspicious line: ZmxhZ3tQMGxZdEByX0QwX3kwdV9HM3RfSXRfTjB3P30K, which is flag{P0lYt@r_D0_y0u_G3t_It_N0w?} encoded in base64. So now we have solved the challenge!