Who we are

pwnthem0le is a Turin based CTF team, founded in 2018 by a group of students keen on Cybersecurity, after a partecipation in the CyberChallenge.IT at Politecnico di Torino.

What we do

We partecipate in CTF competitions, both jeopardy and attack-defense style, you can check our progesses on CTFTime . We host internal talks and open conferences about information security topics, and we collaborate with some departments of our university. We are the organizers of the m0leCon conference and CTF. Most importantly we keep following our passion studying, researching and improving our practical skills in the Cybersecurity world.


Board Members:

Alberto Carboneri (Alberto247)
Matteo Protopapa (matpro)
Matteo Rossi (mr96)
Stefano Alberto (Xato)

Core Members:

Alessandro Pizzorni (Pixel_01)
Andrea Angelo Raineri (Rising)
Angelo Savino (R37URN 0)
Mario Del Gaudio (hdesk)
Matteo Belluardo (MatteB_01)
Matteo Porta (0000matteo0000)
Matteo Schiff (Matte23)
Mattia Lorenzo Chiabrando (mattiabrandon)
Riccardo Zanotto (Drago)


Alessio Vannella (Syscall)
Antonio Angelo Polignano (poli)
Filippo Rossi (filippo)
Gabriele Maiolino (SolidCinder7914)
Gabriele Tarantello (Gabrain24)
Giovanni Minotti (Giotino)
Giulio Balestra (iTzVirtual_)
Mattia Ricciardi (Mindlaess)
Pimen Flavian Dei (Z3r0n37)
Riccardo Azuni (MonelloTremendo)
Xiaozhen Zhu (brooklyn)

Contact us

Contact us at pwnthem0le@gmail.com