We are recruiting!

If you are interested in our team’s activities, there are two ways to join us:

  • Take part in the 2021 CyberChallenge.IT program
  • Solve one (or more) of the below challenges and email us with your solution!

Every challenge contains a readme.txt file with the instructions and some tips to start solving. If you are stuck, you are encouraged to contact us asking for hints and showing your progresses: the challenges are not a strict “admission test”, but a way to show us that you are interested and determined to work on these topics. Once a challenge gets a valid solution, it is marked as “solved”. From that moment, the “deadline” field is updated and the challenge is valid for ammission only for the following 7 days. When a challenge expires, you can keep solving it for practice but emailed solutions of that challenge will not be considered anymore.

Completely solving the challenges is not a strict prerequisite to join the team: we are looking for motivated people, not infosec experts!

Category Name Level Status Deadline Download


factoring game 2020-12-12


retow 2021-03-29


myNiceArray 2021-06-05


Big Lab 2020-12-12


poly -


pingme 2021-05-04


encriptor -


randthem0le -